Beloved, today many people with good dreams have fallen victims to satanic agents who assemble in their covens to deliberate, negotiate and decide how to quench, terminate and destroy people with glorious and colourful dreams.

The devil and his satanic agents are obstinate pursuers who will not stop or give up until they have achieved their goals.  The devil has unleashed his legions of bitter, hateful and angry human altars into the world.

These satanic agents operate with an unbelievable hatred, bitterness, rage, and display unthinkable madness and wickedness to terminate good dreams. 

They carry out their evil deeds to destroy with superb intelligence and purpose. They alway express tremendous malice, bitterness and hatred with utter determination and unshakable persistence to kill, and to steal and to destroy as noted in John 10:10.

They easily get angry when they observe that you are focus with your dreams and believing in the LORD to fulfil them. Just like Joseph's brothers displayed extreme hate and evil performance to destroy him only because of his good dreams in Genesis 37:1-30.

Beloved, spiritual violence is what you need to ensure that no man or woman quenches your dreams. You must not be ignorant because the enemy is household and must be met with violent worry. You must arise with faith filled holy anger, and violent determination to keep and secure your dreams this year 2020. 

Unless you have the LORD on your side so that you can display unquenching holy fury, fierceness, rage and holy madness, they will not let you go. It is written in Psalm 56:9, "When I cry out to You, then my enemies will turn back; this I know, because God is for me." No one that has ever genuinely cried violently to God and has ever been disappointed. When you violently pray to God to protect your dreams, God will raise His umbrella of protection for you. God bless you and may your dreams this year 2020 come to pass in the name of Jesus.

Apostle Alex Barango