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Friends, prayer is a two-way conversation with God. You speak to Him and you listen to what He wants you to do. In the natural, when a person wants someone's attention, that person would like to appear good for positive outcome. It is the same with God, it's not a do or die affairs but knowing the winning formula necessary to get your way through the door.

There are six proven and winning formulas you can apply to soothe and enter through the door of God's heart.


Firstly, whenever you want to pray, it is important that you begin your prayers with praise and worship to God the Most High, acknowledging all that He has done for you in the past. Glorifying His Majesty and accepting that you are the weaker partner in the prayer covenant. By so doing, you are sure to enter the palace of His heart as in Psalm 22:3.


Secondly, it is important that you hide nothing from Him Who knows all things. Immediately begin to confess all your sins, known and unknown, because everyday people do things that are not acceptable in heaven. As you are in the mode of confession, begin to forgive all those who had wronged you one way or the other, because without forgiveness your Heavenly Father will not answer your prayers. Read Matthew 6:14-15.


Thirdly, you are now ready to begin to ask God for your own personal need. By that I mean, the reasons for praying. At this juncture, ensure that you apply faith because without faith you cannot please God. Hebrews 11:6. There are various other scriptures you can recite for the purpose of your prayers such Scriptures as Philippians 4:19, 1 John 5:14-15, Luke 12:31, 2 Peter 1:3, etc.


Fourthly, my friends, it’s now your own turn for intercession. Very important that you pray for other people in similar or worse situations like you are. Most of the time, the Holy Spirit will deposit message in your mind, apply them. You must stand in the gap for people, whether they are better off, worse off, your enemies, unconverted friends and relatives that you know, your local church and the pastors, various missionaries on assignment, government and others alike, various charities, etc, Ezekiel 22:30. Your intercessory prayers must be focused and specific, for example pray for world peace, salvation of souls, pray for the youths and ask for God's wisdom to fall upon them, etc.


Fifthly, begin to thank God for answered prayers without doubting and then you can be rest assured that God will meet you at your point of needs. Mark 11:24.

Finally, the sixth point is more important than all of the above and that is to make quality time for God to respond back to you. Ability to listen very important. He may speak to you immediately or sometime later but it is important that you learn to listen to God as thoughts will begin to emerge from your mind as in Isaiah 55:2


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