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My friend, God usually speaks to us in many different ways, however, when the filthiness of this world blocks the ears, it is often very difficult to hear and understand. Vowing is one of the many ways God wants you to test Him and see whether He will not deliver you from your problems.


Making a VOW to God and keeping up with it will open up the windows of heaven without dispute.... Those who need immediate and urgent answers from God can visit His palace by faith and make vows like Jacob did in Gen 28:20. Jacob knew what he wanted and that was to return back to his father's house peacefully and a rich man. In that light, he entered into a covenant of peace and success with God, saying "if God will be with him, and keep him in his way, all that God shall give him, that he will surely give the tenth unto God. Jacob became a multi-millionaire and kept his part of the vow. "


In the book of Psalm 50:14-15. " Offer to God thanksgiving, and pay your vows to the Most High. Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me." From these scriptures, God's promise to you is, if you are experiencing any kind of difficulty, problem, trouble, or for future expectations, make a VOW and PAY and He will deliver you. Whenever you make a VOW in accordance with the Word of God and keep up with your commitment, you are actually preparing for your brighter tomorrow before you arrive there.


There is no doubt about it, VOWING is a way of appreciating God in advance for receiving His blessings; it is the declaration to satanic roadblocks that you are under the Umbrella and Protection of God's Power. It is also to trigger the release of God's Miracle Working Authority over your life in advance.


EVERYONE CAN VOW.... don't be dissuaded about how you are actually going to pay your vow. Just step back and take the first step in accordance with His Word. My friend, just obey God, believe His Word and take a step of faith and make a VOW today. He promised to help you fulfill your vow.

Ecclesiastes 5:4, I pray, may God empower you to pay your vow.... and you will begin to see an escape route from your trouble.


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