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The word of God is prophetic to those who search deep into the dry valleys.

Every covenant child has a chip of fruitfulness implanted inside of him to overrule spirit of barrenness.

Jesus Christ is the Substitute for my life Part. 1

Jesus Christ is the Substitute for my life Part. 2

Jesus Christ is the Substitute for my life Part. 3

Jesus Christ is the Substitute for my life Part. 4

The Prayer formular that can be trusted and guaranteed.

Pray to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit with boldness

For your assured success, you must seek first kingdom of God

Your sacrifice will attract God's attention, so make a vow today.

God has given you powers required to overcome every obstacle.

Obeying the commandment of God is better than any kind of sacrifice.

You can launch and unleash these 10 Keys to Answered Prayers

We all need deliverance and the intercessory Ministry to break free.

The blood of the post-resurrection is the River of Grace in Abundance.

Unless you understand Your purpose on Earth may lose your goal.

The 7 Symbols of the Holy Spirit is a vital key for spiritual growth.

You must know the importance of the Work of the Holy Spirit in your life

There is Anointing and Undeniable Power in giving Testimony

The Power of the Angels of God are reserved for your advantage.

There is Anointing and abundant Power in the Blood of Jesus

You must know the Relevance of the Holy Spirit to your life

There are three important reasons why you should forgive others.

Why you should ask for forgiveness from the LORD to be set free.

The genuine steps required to obtain true and lasting salvation.

What does it mean to be born-again in the fast changing world.

The victory of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary is our gift.

There is power in your word when unleashed to destablize the enemy.

There is only one God who created the heaven and earth.

The living River of Grace heals, protects, saves and delivers.

Believers who do not live by the grace of God fall and fail.

The Names of God for Express Answer to all your situation.

You must develop and generate your Bible Study Strategy.

The Mystery of God and His Covenants exposed for your benefits.

How believers in Christ can receive and accept authority.

It is impossible to live the believers lifestyle without God.

Salvation by Way of Unseating the family strongman.

Your Warfare Scriptures to Face the ever changing enemy.

Believers Who live by the Grace of God cannot fail permanently.

Your Healing and Prosperity Stones to Face changing situations.

Who are you in Christ Jesus Part 1

Who are you in Christ Jesus Part 2

Who are you in Christ Jesus Part 3

Who are you in Christ Jesus Part 4







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