10 Keys to Answered Prayers

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Praying is a powerful ministry and when forcefully applied, it brings profound results. We are a praying ministries and cannot survive in this fierce and antogonistic world without prayer. Unless you are prepared for the discipline of effectual and fervent prayer lifestyle the enemy will have a step ahead of you. Below are ten key proven strategies that can bring turnaround in your life. May God bless you and family.


Pray only to the Creator of heaven and earth, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit not to the creation as highlighted in 1 Corinthians 8:4-6.


Learn to forgive others who may have wronged you so that you do not consciously and unconsciously block answers from God as in Matthew 6:14-15.


Only seek God's will and not your own will and things will begin to fall in place as Jesus did in Luke 22:42.


Read your Bible thoroughly and find out areas that are relevant to your issues and use the word of those verses to pray as in 2 Timothy 2:15.


Confess and repent from your sins so that you can be focus and not carry any baggage as in 1 John 1:9 and Isaiah 59:1-2 .


You must have faith in yourself and God so that nothing can cause you to waiver as noted in Hebrews 11:6.


You must persevere and be persistent in your effort and prayer life. Giving up is not an option as emphasized in 1 Thessalonians 5:17.


You must totally surrender to God and let Him have His own way because His thoughts are not your thoughts and your ways His ways as in Isaiah 55:8-9.


Learn to praise God all the time, appreciating what He has done and what He will do as 1 Thessolonians 5:18.


Learn to pray in the Spirit all the time and allow the Holy Spirit to work for you as in 1 Cointhians 14:14-15.


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